Spa Industry Benefits from Increasing Awareness and Interest in Health and Wellness Services

Published: 14th March 2011
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The increase in knowledge and awareness of people about the importance of health and wellness in their lives has created a spa industry that is continuing to grow despite the recent recession.

Due to hectic schedules and busy lives people seek the relaxing services provided by spas, such as mud baths, meditation classes, fragrant eucalyptus groves, and even exquisitely prepared spa cuisines. Indeed, spas have reinvented themselves, moving from just the beauty industry to offer a wider range of services that accommodate the needs of more clients. As a matter of fact, health-conscious clientele regard spas more as a means to becoming healthy and feeling good, instead of only about proper skin and body care.

As no one is regulating the use of the word "spa," many spas are now promoting services ranging from massage rooms to fitness centers. There are several types of spas such as day spas, destination spas, resort/hotel spas, medical spas, and mineral spring spas, club spas, cruise ship spas, and airport spas. Reportedly there are 113 million day spa visits per year made in the United States.This is a pretty figures manifesting that spa is a profit-pulling industry.

Today people are looking for health and wellness services that address:

- stress concerns

- sleeping difficulties

- anti-aging processes

- detox solutions

However, as spas are not well-regulated, the quality of their services and products can be sub-standard and even dangerous in some cases. It is often difficult for people to decide which spas offer better services.

Now there is a company that is using the power of the Internet to establish a directory system that will help customers spread the word about good, or bad, services by rating businesses that offer health and wellness solutions. VRCities, Inc. has established Trusted Vertical Directories to accomplish this purpose and to include a more rigorous evaluation procedure.

Customers and businesses can register to participate in a review, referral and rating system that will identify good companies in a geographical area. For the health and wellness category, the VRCities directory can be found at

Internet is the largest library and the most accessible resource for any research work. However, not all online directories offer quality information like the trusted directories. It is important to note down trusted directories particularly if its quality information are helpful to build a healthy lifestyle.

Rosalie Tayurang

General Editor, VRCities Publishing Group

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